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Haars Nursery, an expanding family business.

As one of Australia’s largest wholesale plant producers, Haars supplies Australian retailers, landscapers, growers and gardeners with quality flowering indoor and outdoor plants. The Haars Business is proudly accredited by Fair Farms.

The Haars propagation team works only with clean virus-indexed material from our breeding partners. Our high-hygiene protocols ensure Haars and our partner growers work with robust young plant material, leading to success and great garden performance for all Australian gardeners.

The team’s ability to consistently introduce & produce quality varieties has established the company as a preferred partner nationally and a significant partner of international breeders.

Innovation, ingenuity, investment and partnership

Recent and future expansion plans continue to strengthen the business’s position; strong relationships with international breeders, quarantine, elite and mother stock facilities across two sites, as well as an inhouse propagation division ensure Haars has control over a high-quality supply chain, delivering the best to our customers.

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Growing since 1981, Haars Nursery is leading the market

Haars Nursery has a strong profile in the local community through its contribution to local charities and businesses, where it is regarded as an employer of choice.

The Haars team and the families continued investment underpin the commitment to provide Australian Horticulture; growers, landscapers, and retailers with the best varieties available, which are clean, virus indexed, and great performers across Australian gardens.