2022 MIFGS Display

We work with breeding partners who are continually innovating to provide new and improved plants.

Our elite young plant material is continually tested and free of virus/disease.

We provide all partner growers and Australian gardeners with clean, high-quality plant material, to ensure gardening success and enjoyment!

Welcome back to MIFGS, enjoy the 2022 show.

Biden Tiger Bee

Our Biden range is an expanding range with some brilliant summer colour, Tiger Bee is a true standout in our range. Very strong colouring and great contracts on the flower deep orange and bright yellow. All the new additions share the same characteristics; butterfly attracting, compact mounding habits, flower power and drought.

Calibrachoa Chameleon

Chameleon marks an industry-first for Calibrachoa breeding. The plants continually change colour throughout the season, reacting to light levels, temperature, and other seasonal factors. Chameleon provides gardeners a unique blend of colours on a single plant which is not found in other traditional bedding plants.

Calibrachoa Candy Shop

Candy Shop varieties display flowers with bright, fluorescent colours with a popping, irregular starburst coming from the centre of each flower. Candy Shop varieties have early flowering times and semi-trailing habits. All have outstanding garden performance and season-long durability.


An extensive range of robust and exceptional garden performing varieties all of them are suitable for all pot sizes and uses. These varieties have compact and tight mounding habits and continually flower through the season.


Labella dahlias come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to the choice of sizes, a wide range of colour is also available. The so-called ‘fun colours’ are extra special. The extensive Labella dahlia collection brightens up every balcony, terrace and patio!


Our varieties are classy outdoor, evergreen shrubs. They can be
grown in pots or planted directly in the ground. All varieties will
flower continuously from summer to early winter. Flowers attract a range of
pollinators and being robust plants they tolerate temperatures down to minus 5 degrees C.


The eye-catching series of bi-colour varieties provide a striking contrast to classic, single flower Kalanchoes. A new look that will be a highlight for every season. Bred for vibrant colour, perfect form and uniqueness. Doubles have extended flowering. This collection also offers us several varieties suitable for outdoor planting in Australian gardens. Available in bright summer colours that will gain intensity within a few days after planting.


Flower Fairy White Splash is a standout variety from a great line of new large patio container and landscape Pelargonium varieties launched this year in the Australian market by HAARS.
Flower Fairy varieties are large, full plant - very showy in the garden with giant, vibrantly coloured blooms - white edged clusters of flowers with contrasting strong dark pink centres. The Flower Fairy series is tolerant of the range of Australian summer heats and humidity and delivers a spectacular performance all season.

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Our partners focus on breeding varieties that are heat tolerant, disease resistant and maintain good natural growth habits, reducing the requirements for any chemical applications.

All the elite young plant material we work with and propagate from is continually tested and free of virus and disease.

We provide all partner growers and Australian gardeners with clean, high-quality plant material, to ensure gardening success and enjoyment!