Delivering quality plant material to Australian Horticulture.

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Fruit, Veg & Herbs

An exceptional range of Herbs, Vegetables and Fruit, including the popular, as well the unusual and exotic.

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Genetics & Propagation

Explore the range of introductions we offer from our international breeding network to the Australian market.

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House Plants

A diverse and expanding range of house plants which are available all year around. From delicate cascading foliage to the large, lush and bold.

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Indoor Colour

An extensive and vibrant range of indoor flowering plants to decorate and bring the pleasure of colour and form inside.

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Seasonal Colour

The best of the best. Varieties which thrive in containers, hanging baskets and maximise impact in the garden – through every season!

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Shrubs & Structure

Tried and proven varieties which offer, structure, form, colour, fragrance and year-round seasonal interest.

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Why Haars


Cost Savings: By purchasing plants in bulk quantities, you can take advantage of discounted rates, making it more economical to undertake large landscaping projects or replenish your garden with a variety of plants.


Extensive Selection and Availability: We offer a wide selection of species, sizes, and varieties. Whether you’re looking for native plants, exotic specimens, or popular landscaping varieties, Haars fulfill large orders and offer a diverse range of options to meet your needs.


Professional Support and Services: We cater to professionals in the landscaping, horticulture, and gardening industries. We can provide specialized services tailored to the needs of professionals, such as volume discounts, delivery options, and specialized packaging for transportation.


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