Exclusive Varieties

We focus on the introduction & propagation of new plant varieties for the Australian market.

The range of material is extensive, unique and innovative, appealing to both the nursery and landscape sectors. Take a tour of our Wk50, 2020 Showcase Please contact us if you would like to discuss growing some of the plant genetics from our breeding partners.

pac® Pelargonium

The entire assortment of outstanding pac® Pelargonium breeding from the market leader, including Angeleyes®, Flower Fairy®, Pelgardini® and TWOinONE.The assortment includes varieties with an abundance of blossoms, free flowering, large umbels, lush and compact growth. All varieties have an incredible robustness towards heat and sun. The plants start flowering without a cooling phase, and flourish in sunny and warm conditions.


This range includes a number of innovative breeding breakthroughs offering distinctly different varieties for containers, baskets and landscape use. A few in this range include:

Labella® Dahlia

At LaBella's the slogan 'From big to small, we have it all' fits like no other. LaBella® dahlias come in all shapes and sizes. New in the range is LaBella® Maggiore, this is, as the name implies, the series with the largest plants in the series. In addition to the choice of sizes, a wide range of colours is also available. The so-called 'fun colours' are extra special. The extensive LaBella® dahlia collection brightens up every balcony, terrace and patio!

Crazytunia® Series

HAARS are launching new additions to our petunia collections, adding to our sheer and shimmery classic shades which are best sellers, we are responding to customer demand to provide an even broader range of unique colours and patterns to create custom combinations.The Crazytunia® series range in displays from stonewash to starburst and include neon brights, velvety blacks, pulsating duo-tones and bold confetti splashes.

Australian Horticultural Trials - Wk50, 2020

We are pleased to be hosting a stunning showcase during Wk50 in Melbourne 2020. For those who could not join us, please enjoy the digital spectical!