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Explore the range of introductions we offer from our international breeding network to the Australian market.

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Find the best of the best. Varieties which thrive in containers, hanging baskets and maximise impact in the garden – through every season!

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Our employees drive our success, and we continuously strive to be the best we can be!

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Find the 'best of the best' at your retailer. Select the right plants to thrive in containers, hanging baskets, edible gardens, and for colour – every season!

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Look for Quality in store, Haars Brands - Garden Jewels, Basket Jewels, Triple Treats, Super Foods, Food for Life, Patio Jewels, The Diggers Club and more.....

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Why choose Haars

  • Hygiene standards & virus-indexed material: We work with elite plant material to ensure that all products grown at Haars are vibrant, resilient and maintain a healthy vigor.
  • Variety & colour: We produce a wide range of quality plant material, across sizes, colours and seasons. Retailers will find the perfect selection to suit their market.
  • Superior quality: We produce only quality plants. Employing skilled staff who care for the products we are proud to present to our customers.
  • Convenience & service: We offer accessible ordering options, an online ordering platform and dedicated sales representatives. Our customer service team ensure prompt delivery and stock is fresh and voluptuous for sale at retail.

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